Bird Safaris.

Bird watching in Uganda is the best place for sightings. There is no better way of feeling close to nature and relaxing peacefully other than choosing a avian watching Safari with us. Once on the safari just soak in all the birdcalls and become one with the whole environment.
bird watching in our beautiful country will keep you thrilled to no limits. We have many locations where you can go avian watching-from the city and towns to the rural areas as far as our forests.
Early morning is the best time, as the birds will be searching actively for food. If you are looking to add to your list, the pearl of Africa is a destination you must visit.
6-Day Birding Safari Mabamba, Mabira, Mt.Elgon
Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe International Airport where you will be
Met and greeted by our representative. Depending on time of arrival, birding may be done in the afternoon after relaxation at Entebbe botanical
gardens if accommodation is in Entebbe. These gardens offer a wonderful introduction to the birds of Uganda. The gardens host a variety of open country and woodland species e.g. verreaux’s eagle owls, orange-tufted and red chested sunbirds.
Dinner and overnight at Accommodation of your choice

Day 2:
After an early breakfast, our driver/guide will take you to Mabamba wetlands where you will see swamp endemics. Birding will be done while on a local canoe. This will give you the advantage of being able to see and hear birds chirping without disturbing
them. We shall look out for the shoebill and other birds, which include long-toed plover, blue-headed coucal, and white winged, papyrus gonolek-as we continue L.Mburo.
Dinner and overnight at Accommodation of your choice

Day 3:
Early morning departure for Mabira Forest, one of the most important ornithological sites in Uganda with more than 300 species recorded. Species here include the blue turraco, African grey parrot, hornbills and a variety of colorful sunbirds. Mabira is only one of the two places in East Africa where the pretty tit hylia has been recorded and one of the few places in Uganda where the localized forest wood-hoopoe, leaf love, Weyne’s weaver and Nahan’s francolin are regular. With a knowledgeable guide and many trails in the forest your day will be rewarding.Dinner and overnight at Accommodation of your choice

Day 4:
Depart for Mbale in the morning visiting the Bujagali falls and the source of the Nile en-route. Lunch is in Mbale and the late afternoon is either spent relaxing or taking a walk to Sipi falls.
Day 5: Early morning birding along the mountain Bamboo trail. This is a 7km loop and takes 5-6 hours to complete at birding pace About 300 species have been recorded in this park. Key species are jacksons and Moorland Francolins, Eastern bronze-naped pigeon, Red-fronted parrot,Hartlaub’s Turaco,Red-chested Owlet, Bar-tailed Trogon, Forest Wood-hoopoe,Moustached Green Tinker Bird, Grey –chested Illadopsis,Balck collard Apalis and many others.

Day 6:
Depart for Kampala after breakfast.
notes for birders
NB. Gorilla viewing could be done by adjusting the itinerary to include one day extra for this activity.
Price includes transport to and from Kampala, Park entrance fees, game drive fees, boat ride on the Nile, Kazinga Channel and L.Mburo, accommodation
on full board and an English speaking driver (guide), lunch to and from, Chimp tracking fees, nature walking fees. It however excludes beverages, souvenirs,
tips and all expenditures of a personal nature.