Rwanda Packages.

Rwanda Cultural Safaris - Cultural Heritage and Values in Rwand

In exploring the Rwanda culture and values, a visit to Batwa community in Ruhengeri province in the northern Rwanda, Omwami’s Palace in Nyanza, the Rugarama hot springs, the genocide memorial centres offer a memorable safari of a lifetime.

Brief Itinerary:

·         Day 01: Airport pick-up

·         Day 02: Kigali city tour

·         Day 03: Visit the twin Lakes - Ruhondo and Burera

·         Day 04: Transfer to Lake Kivu

·         Day 05: Transfer to the King's Palace in Nyanza.

·         Day 06: Return to Kigali for you departure.

3 Days Gorilla Safari Genocide memorial tour - Rwanda Gorilla

The 3-day Gorilla safari in Rwanda takes you for a short historical tour of Rwanda in Kigali city, visit Rwanda Genocide memorial sites and Gorilla trekking in the Volacnoes national park of Rwanda.

The tour starts and ends in Kigali; after gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes national Park, you will transfer back to Kigali for your flight/ End of the safari.

Brief Itinerary:

·         Day 01: Transfer from the Airport.

·         Day 02: Gorilla tracking.

·         Day 03: Kigali city tour.

4 Days Gorilla safari Adventure, Track gorillas twice in Rwanda

This gorilla safari to Rwanda gives you a chance to go trekking gorillas twice in the Volcanoes national park viewing different Gorilla families or back to the same family for the second gorilla trek. Along your journey from Kigali you will not miss to see the spectacular views of the Virunga mountains heading north to the Volcanoes national park.

Brief Itinerary:

·         Day 01: Arrival, transfer from the Airport

·         Day 02: Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park

·         Day 03: Second Gorilla trek

·         Day 04: Tranfer to Kigali - Depart, End.

3 Days Nyungwe Primates Safari

The 3 day Rwanda primates safari starts and ends in Kigali. Nyungwe Forest has a large concentration of primates in Rwanda and shall be our tour destination on this safari. Nyungwe National Park Rwanda is a massive Montane Forest in the south of Rwanda. 
Nyungwe foerst has 13 species of primate including chimpanzee and large groups of Rwenzori colobus. Nyungwe forest also boasts a rich bird life of about 300 bird species, you will also find orchids and butterflies among other attractions. Nyungwe's biodiversity is astonishing by African standards and is one of the most endemic species-rich areas in Africa.

Brief Itinerary:

·         Day 01: Arrival in Kigali - Transfer to Nyungwe

·         Day 02: Primates Tracking in Nyungwe Forest - Rwanda

·         Day 03: Nature tour - Return to Kigali - Departure

3 Day Gorilla safari in Rwanda, Visit Dian Fossey Tombs & Golden monkey trekking

The 3 day gorilla safari in Rwanda includes a visit the Karusoke Tomb of the famous Primatologist & researcher about Mountain Gorillas - DR Dianß Fossey (R.I.P) and Gorilla trekking in the Volacnoes national park of Rwanda. Golden Monkeys trekking is an optional activity.

The tour starts and ends in Kigali; after an adventurous trek in the Volcanoes national Park, you will transfer back to Kigali for your flight/ End of the safari.

Brief Itinerary:

·         Day 01: Arrival in Kigali

·         Day 02: Gorilla trekking - Volcanoes national park Rwanda

·         Day 03: Visit Dian Fossey Tombs OR Golden monkey tracking