Kenya Tour.

Nairobi Tours
Nairobi, Capital of Kenya is the commercial hub of East Africa, is as rich in history and culture as it is in the urban comforts and recreational facilities. Once a brackish swamp that became the capital of the entire British East Africa colony, Nairobi has national parks, restaurants and bars, luxury hotels and forest lodges, skyscrapers and historical buildings, museums and galleries, and a host of other adventure sports opportunities that at an easy distance from each other.

Tourist Attractions in Nairobi The National Museum The most toured museum in Nairobi, the National Museum is home to the relics of Nairobi's geological , cultural and evolutionary history. Its extensive ornithological collection, Geology Gallery, Gallery of Contemporary East Africa Art, and Prehistoric Gallery are of particular interest to the tourists. Masai Markets Great for shopping curios and ethnic items, Masai Markets are the traditional and reasonably markets that you are bound to run in anywhere in Nairobi whether on a stroll down your hotel alley or on your tour of the Nairobi streets. Karen Blixen Museum Author of 'Out of Africa' that came to limelight with the Oscar winning film by the same name, Karen Blixen is still a well-known name in Kenya. Located in the her home that itself is a heritage building for its old colonial architecture, the Karen Blixen Museum is a must visit on Nairobi Tours. Giraffe Center Spread over 120 acres of land just outside the reaches of urban Nairobi, The Giraffe Manor is a famous tourist attraction for its Giraffe population that were born and reared here. Feast your eyes on the adorable photographs and feed the Giraffes on your visit here

Mombasa Tours
Located 500kms from Nairobi and connected to Nairobi by highway, Air and Railway, this island harbor and port city of Kenya is greatly valued as a tourist destination for its cosmopolitan character, historical significance, and tropical ambience. Moi International Airport - Mombasa serves as the link to the rest of the world for direct flights and charter flights Tourist Attractions
Old Town This lively and exotic area in Mombasa is famous for its spices, Arabic architecture, narrow winding streets, busy markets, and traditional clothes khanga and kikoy that is a hallmark of coastal Mombasa. Old Harbor Old Harbor still revels in its colonial past and is still bustling with activity and trade. Here, you can watch the dhows (in ancient décor) cruising the waters and even taking their trade to as far as Yemen and the coastal regions of the Persian Gulf. Fort Jesus On the waterfront, overlooking the harbor, stands the 16th century Fort Jesus that has witnessed many battles and has borne evidence to Kenya's struggle for independence, is a must see for any tourist visiting Mombasa.
Traditional Markets Shopping in Nairobi is a delightful experience and makes for an interesting way to tour Mombasa on foot. From local craft vendors to the savvy merchants in Biashara Street, Mombasa is great place to shop for curios, ethnic wear and traditional beach wear - khanga and kikoy. Activities Though an island port city, Mombasa is famous for its architectural buildings, traditional markets, rides on traditional trade ships (dhows), and museums that tell the stories of slave trade, colonial rule in East Africa and the emergence of a country that values its freedom as much as it values its natural resources and cosmopolitan character.
Kenya Lake Tours
Kenya lies on the center of the GREAT Rift Valley, the site of the prehistoric fissures that extends from Jordan to Mozambique. Kenya is dotted with several fresh water lakes from north to south. Take a Kenya Lake Tour and travel from one lake to another to learn about the contrasts present in each of the region.
Lake Baringo
Lake Baringo lies to the extreme north of the great Rift Valley Lakes of Kenya. With a surface area of 130 sq km, the lake is fed by two rivers, El Molo and Ol Arabel. There are no outlets for this lake and yet it is one of the two freshwater lakes in the Rift Valley. The region is habited by 470 species of bird and migratory flamingoes.
Lake Bogoria
Lake Bogoria lies towards the north of Lake Baringo. As it is not a fresh water lakebut rather an alkaline lake whose algae deposits attracts many flamingoes to its shores. Lake Bogoria is also known for its steaming hot water springs.
Lake Magadi
Magadi Lake is the southern most lake in Rift Valley in Kenya. The lake is 100 sq km in size and lies amidst the vast salt flats and is a soda ash lake. Lake Magadi has a good population around it and even has a factory on its coast for the extraction of salt and Soda Ash.
Lake Naivasha
Lake Naivasha is the second freshwater lake of the Great Rift Valley lying at an altitude of 5900 ft. The lake got its name from the local Maasai name Naiposha, which means 'rough water' because the sudden storms that arise in this lake. The surface area of the lake is 160 sq km with an average depth of 5 m but it can vary depending on the rainfall. You can spot a variety of wildlife and more than 400 species of avifauna here and particularly the flamingoes.
Lake Oloiden and Lake Sonachi (Green Crater Lake) are also in the vicinity of Lake Naivasha.
Kenya Cultural Tours
Kenya, with such diversity in religion and nationality, does not have particularly unique culture. Culture of Kenya is an amalgamation of thoughts of various communities, ideas of different nationalities and philosophies of divergent religious beliefs. But its diversity in cultural behavior, the people of Kenya live in a mutual harmony and friendliness with each other. Take Kenya Cultural Tours to know about the cultural accord and the lifestyle of the Kenyans.
On Kenya Cultural Tours, you will come across Swahili people living along the coast, pastoral societies on the north and assorted social groups in the Central and Western region of Kenya. The Maasai Culture has become the most widely known due to the popularity of Maasai Mara National reserve which is the most visited Wildlife Sanctuary in Kenya especially during the annual migration often called "the greatest spectacle on earth". Visit the tribes of the land on Kenya Cultural Tours to know how much different their daily habits are from other people even in today's times. Witness the folk music and dance to see how the people entertain and keep themselves happy with songs and dances. See the traditional art on the caves, rocks and tribal art and compare it with the modern art of the country on Kenya Cultural Tours.
After the Kenya Cultural Tours, you will realize that it is Kenya more than any other country in the world that has managed to preserve its traditional while adopting modern influences from all the communities that have come to Kenya and made it their permanent abode. Enjoy a colorful Kenya Cultural Tour to see how traditionalism lives in synchronization with modernity.
Kenya Beaches Tours
For centuries Kenya was only accessible through the ocean route. The Indian Ocean posed challenges to the explorers and traders from Arabia, Portugal, China and India only to reward them with the sight of a land that had made natural resources its fashion statement. Today this very eastern coast of Kenya has become a popular gateway for locals and international tourists alike.
Safari TrailThe soft white sand beaches melt away beneath your feet as the clean blue waters of the Indian Ocean invite to indulge in scuba diving, snorkeling and boating in traditional dhows. The beaches are languid and sun-drenched and expand from the 14th century Lamu in the north, through Malindi, Watumu and the ghost town Gedi to Mombasa in the south. Tourist AttractionsKenya is up for adventure and relaxation when it comes to beach tours in Kenya. From coral reefs, to water sports, from scuba and deep sea diving to big game fishing and cruises; Kenya Beach Tours, offered by Tour to Kenya, are a power-pack of thrills interspersed with relaxation. Beach Resorts and Hotels The luxurious beach resorts and hotels not only provide a comfortable retreat from the sands and surf, they also subtly communicate the culture of the land
through the Swahili cuisine, hospitality customs, ethnic décor and scenic locations. Kenya Beaches Highlights The tropical setting, laidback atmosphere, beaches and equally entertaining beach resorts make your safari through the coast on your Kenya Beaches Tour a journey to remember for life. If however, it is simply not enough to quench your appetite, the rainforests, game reserves and national parks, rift valley and mountain peaks, bustling marketplace and lively cities are always there to fall back on.